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Annual Awards


Each year awards are presented to the Australian Tennis Seniors Player of the Year (the Beneficial Finance Perpetual Trophy) and to the Australian Tennis Seniors Administrator of the Year (the Beryl & Don Kerr Trophy).  Prior to 1995 there was just the single award for the Australian Tennis Senior of the Year (called Veteran of the Year in those days as the term Veteran was not changed to Senior until 2005). In 2013 a new Award was created for the Player Recognition Award for the Most Improved or Come Back Player of the Year.


Australian Senior of the Year 1974 - 1994


1974 John Young (VIC) 1981 Len Pearson (NSW) 1988 Don Kerr (Qld)
1975 Reg Summers (VIC) 1982 Bob McCarthy (NSW) 1989 Harry Gibbs (ACT)
1976 Peter Crane (TAS) 1983 Ken Willis (ACT) 1990 Dorothy Gain (NSW)
1977 Ian Ayre (QLD) 1984 Arthur Matthews (TAS) 1991 Lurline Stock (VIC)
1978 Shirley Reid (NZ) 1985 Bob Hay (ACT) 1992 Bob McCarthy (NSW)
1979 Clive Wilderspin (WA) 1986 Alison Ide (ACT) 1993 Dean Billings (SA)
1980 Brian Bermingham (VIC) 1987 Geoff Strang (WA) 1994 Brian Dew (SA)


Australian Awards 1995 -



Player of the Year


Administrator of the Year

1995 Beverley Rae (VIC)   Rob Ockerby (WA)
1996 Carol Campling (NSW)   Ray Stock (VIC)
1997 Bob Howes (NSW)   Max Ward & Barry Plucknett (NSW)
1998 Ros Balodis (ACT) Carl Anjou (VIC) & Margaret Wallis (WA)
1999 Lito Alvarez (WA)   Janet Wang (SA)
2000 Bob Howes (NSW)   Alison Ide (ACT)
2001 Peter Froelich (QLD)   Anne Haycock (ACT)
2002 Ros Balodis (ACT)   Max Purdy (WA)
2003 Andrew Rae (VIC)   Robyn Castle (NSW)
2004 Carol Campling (NSW)   Gail Bates (QLD)
2005 Ros Balodis (ACT)/Margaret Robinson (WA)   Max Ward (NSW)
2006 Andrew Rae (VIC)   Robert Ockerby (WA)
2007 Andrew Rae (VIC) Ray Fitz-Gerald (VIC)
2008 Neville Halligan (QLD)   Brian Dew (SA)
2009 Ward Hillier (VIC) / Kerry Ballard (NSW)   Max Purdy (WA)
2010 Glenn Busby (VIC)   Gail Bates (QLD)
2011 Glenn Busby (VIC)   Tom Hancy (VIC)
2012 Ros Balodis (ACT)   Coral Vickers (QLD)
2013 Doug Corbett (NSW)   Pat Maloney (ACT)
2014 Glenn Busby (Vic)   Gail Jones (ACT)
2015 Ros Balodis (ACT)   Mick Bruton (NSW)
2016 Glenn Busby (Vic)   Enid Besant Ryan (ACT)
2017 Ros Balodis (ACT)   Pat Moloney (ACT)
2018 Ros Balodis (ACT)   Peter Breugelmans (ACT)


Player Recognition Awards 2013 -


2013 Robyn Castle (NSW) 2014 Nola Collins (Vic) 2015 Julie Pratt (NSW)  
2016 Margaret Fisher 2017 Max Byrne (Tas) 2018 Joy Rigter (Qld)