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News Items - 2019


23-Oct-2019 Bus to Busselton - WA2020
18-Oct-2019 The passing of Lorne Main - Seniors Tennis Legend
16-Oct-2019 Social Event Bookings for the Australian Teams Carnival - WA2020
12-Sep-2019 Event Merchandise for WA2020
03-Sep-2019 Player rankings for August, 2019
19-Aug-2019 WA State Chamionships 2019
11-Aug-2019 Changes to the ITF Seniors Circuit in 2020
21-Jul-2019 Player rankings for June, 2019
21-Jul-2019 Australia's Young-Seniors Teams updated
21-Jul-2019 Australia's Seniors Teams updated
21-Jul-2019 Australia's Super-Seniors Teams updated
12-Jul-2019 Update on the future of Tennis Seniors Australia
06-Jul-2019 Australia's Young-Senior Teams announced
06-Jul-2019 Australia's Seniors Teams updated
28-May-2019 Australia's Super-Senior Teams announced
21-May-2019 Accommodation options for Busselton (WA 2020)
08-May-2019 Player rankings for April, 2019
13-Apr-2019 Update on TSA and Tennis Australia discussions
05-Apr-2019 Australia's Seniors Teams selected
05-Mar-2019 2019 Great Barrier Reef Masters Games
01-Mar-2019 Player rankings for February, 2019
01-Mar-2019 Images from the Australian Championships (SH19)
06-Feb-2019 Magical Figures for Kerry Ballard
24-Jan-2019 Updates to TSA Office Bearers
24-Jan-2019 Shepparton 2019 a great success
21-Jan-2019 Hall of Fame members honored at Teams Carnival Dinner
21-Jan-2019 Three new life members of TSA
21-Jan-2019 Tennis Seniors Australia Annual Awards
21-Jan-2019 Queensland win the 2019 Teams Trophy
05-Jan-2019 Accommodation for Oceania Regional Championships 2019
05-Jan-2019 Tennis Seniors Australia Annual Report