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ITF World Championships 2010

Australian Participation


The 2010 ITF World Tennis Championships were held in the following venues and dates:


Age Group Venue Dates
Seniors Mexico City & San Luis Potosi, Mexico Mar 29 - Apr 11, 2010
Super-seniors Antalya, Turkey Oct 11 - 24, 2010


04-Dec-2009 ITF World Seniors Teams Event Fact Sheet - Mexico 2010
18-Dec-2009 ITF World Seniors Individuals Event Fact Sheet: Mexico 2010
27-Jan-2010 Australian teams announced for ITF World Seniors and Super-seniors in 2010
18-Feb-2010 Late changes to the 2010 Australian ITF Cups teams
10-Apr-2010 Australia make the final in two Senior Cups in Mexico
10-Apr-2010 Australia wins the Austria Cup in Mexico
10-Apr-2010 Australians doing well in Individual Championships in Mexico
13-Apr-2010 Six Championships from Twenty for the Aussies in Mexico
20-Apr-2010 Diary of an Aussie in Mexico
26-Aug-2010 Changes to the Super-Seniors Teams
12-Oct-2010 Australia makes good start on day one at the world teams
13-Oct-2010 Six Australian teams win on day two of the ITF World Teams
14-Oct-2010 Five Australian teams remain in contention at the ITF World Teams
16-Oct-2010 Aussies find the going tough against the world's best
17-Oct-2010 Day five at the ITF World Championships
18-Oct-2010 Finals Day at the ITF World Teams Championship
20-Oct-2010 Australians Still Flying The Flag On Day Three Of The Individuals
20-Oct-2010 Aussies in impressive wins on day four of the ITF Championships
22-Oct-2010 Shock upsets on day five at the ITF Championships
24-Oct-2010 Aussies taste the sweet and the bitter at the ITF Championships
24-Oct-2010 Five Aussies score Gold at the ITF World Championships
09-Nov-2010 Three in a row for young Nev Halligan