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News Items - 2018


27-Dec-2018 Player rankings for December, 2018
19-Dec-2018 Busselton & Bunbury poster for 2020 Australian Championships
12-Dec-2018 2019 Tennis Seniors Australia Tournament Calendar
08-Dec-2018 Australian Teams Nomination Requirements
28-Nov-2018 Peter Froelich awarded Most Outstanding 35+ Tennis Senior
28-Nov-2018 2019 ITF World Championships
21-Nov-2018 Busselton & Bunbury to host 2020 Australian Championships
20-Nov-2018 Oceania Regional Championships 2019
15-Nov-2018 Workshop Announcement
09-Nov-2018 Player rankings for October, 2018
06-Nov-2018 Nominations for TSA National Selectors
05-Nov-2018 Australian Seniors Tennis Players Hall of Fame
05-Nov-2018 Nominations for Tennis Seniors Australia's annual awards
29-Oct-2018 2018 Tasmanian Seniors Championships
05-Oct-2018 Updated list of TSA Office Bearers
19-Sep-2018 Young-Seniors teams for the World Championships in Miami
18-Sep-2018 Player rankings for August, 2018
13-Sep-2018 2018 Tennis Seniors WA State Championships
09-Sep-2018 2019 Norfolk Island Veterans Championships
03-Sep-2018 World Senior Teams Championships - Gold and Silver
10-Aug-2018 Entry form for international teams at the 2019 Teams Carnival
10-Aug-2018 Niagara Therapy Australian Championships 2019
02-Aug-2018 Updated Super-Seniors teams for the World Championships
19-Jul-2018 Player rankings for June, 2018
11-Jul-2018 Updated list of TSA Office Bearers
10-Jul-2018 Changing of the guard at Tennis Seniors Australia
14-Jun-2018 Australia's Young-Seniors teams for the World Championships in Miami
31-May-2018 Australia's Super-Senior teams for the World Championships
01-May-2018 Accommodation options for ITF Super-Seniors World Championships
28-Apr-2018 ITF Seniors World Individual Championships
27-Apr-2018 Australia's Senior teams for the World Championships
30-Mar-2018 Young Seniors World Championships confirmation
30-Mar-2018 Lead-in Tournaments to the Seniors World Championships in Germany
27-Mar-2018 Change of dates for NT International Seniors Championships
26-Mar-2018 Meet Nola, world number three... in the 80+ women
17-Mar-2018 ITF to include a Men's 85+ Team Cup for Super-Seniors in 2018
17-Mar-2018 ITF Seniors World Team & Individual Championships 2018 (50,55,60)
16-Mar-2018 Oceania Regional Championships 2018
05-Mar-2018 Player rankings for February, 2018
04-Mar-2018 Closing Dates for the ITF Tournaments in Australia
15-Feb-2018 Date Change for Young Seniors World Championships
10-Feb-2018 2018 European Seniors Tournaments
26-Jan-2018 2018 World Championships Team Nominations
26-Jan-2018 Happy Australia Day from the TSA President
26-Jan-2018 Photos from the Australian Teams Carnival
19-Jan-2018 ITF Young Seniors World Championships, Miami, USA
28-Dec-2017 Oceania Regional Championships 2018