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WA 2020






National Selectors & Selection Criteria


National Selectors

The following players have been elected as National Selectors for 12 months from January 2019.


Selection Panels (posted April 2019)

Selection Criteria

The aim in selection of teams is to select the best teams from the players who nominate.  Tennis Seniors Australia has published a set of selection criteria for players who wish to represent Australia in the ITF Seniors/Super-Seniors World Teams Championships.


Selection criteria (updated October 2017)


Selectors Roles and Responsibilities

The Selection Committee shall on behalf of TSA, select teams to represent Australia in international events, be responsible for the ranking from time to time of male and female members and for assisting with seedings for all ITF grade 1 and 2 tournaments in Australia.

Roles and Responsibilities (October 2013)